About us

JISMOK is dedicated to delivering reliable medical and health information to Arabic readers worldwide, believing in the universal right to knowledge and easy access to trustworthy resources. Through its website, social media platforms, and applications, JISMOK aspires to serve as a comprehensive communication platform connecting Arabic citizens with healthcare providers, including doctors, clinics, hospitals, pharmacies, pharmaceutical and insurance companies, medical associations, organizations involved in health education and awareness, and any entity committed to enhancing the health of Arabic-speaking individuals within JISMOK‘s ethical and professional standards.

In pursuit of its mission, JISMOK places a strong emphasis on earning and maintaining users’ trust by:

  1. Publishing evidence-based medical information endorsed by accredited health and professional institutions.
  2. Providing licensed content sourced from reputable global organizations and academic institutions such as Mayo Clinic, Harvard Medical School, WHO, and NHS.
  3. Respecting publishing rights, intellectual property, and adhering to professional and ethical standards.
  4. Safeguarding users’ privacy and refraining from disclosing any private information shared with JISMOK.
  5. Staying abreast of the latest scientific and medical developments and regularly updating content accordingly.

JISMOK is driven by a team of professionals, including experts, managers, editors, programmers, designers, and advertising specialists, working collaboratively to maintain and continually enhance performance, ensuring the delivery of high-quality products, content, and services.

Disclaimer: JISMOK underscores the importance of seeking professional medical assistance before initiating any treatment or addressing medical concerns. The information provided by JISMOK is for educational purposes and should not be considered a substitute for professional medical opinions.

Unauthorized copying, redistribution, reproduction, presentation, amendment, translation, publication, broadcast, selling, or commercial exploitation of any material provided by JISMOK is strictly prohibited without written approval from JISMOK.com.

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